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Nosy Jennet how could she resist any gossip that hit the streets, internet or just plain through the grapevine of her town. She was Oslo’s town nosy neighbor of the year.

Jennet is from Oslo. Born and raised. She has been in Oslo all of her life and knows the ins and outs of the town. Meaning Jennet knows everyone’s business and then some. Her home is a small red brick three bedroom two bath that sits next to many homes that resemble hers. For that reason alone, it pisses her off. On most days Jennet peaks out her window after having her coffee; straight and black with no cream or sugar. She’s looking for anyone that is doing something on the sly. That’s how she keeps the gossip going around Oslo. Jennet does have great friends but the stakes of those relationships are in jeopardy because nosy Jennet’s mouth gossips like a freight train running a thousand miles a minute. She can’t help herself. Jennet loves drama and drama seems to find its way to Jennet. At one point last year a friend of hers, Michelle stopped talking to her because Jennet said some things that weren’t true. Of course the gossip got the best of Jennet and she just kept spreading nasty gossip about her friend Michelle. It was the sort of thing that you just kept your nose out of. Not Jennet she has her nosy self into everything.

These days Jennet and her friend Michelle have started chatting again, but Michelle doesn’t trust Jennet as far as she can see her. It makes it hard for her friends because Jennet prides herself on being the one who knows everything. Devious and intentional is the way Jennet goes about her business. The job that Jennet has, she got by signifying into the former co-worker that use to have that position, then spreading gossip about her to the whole town. The young lady ended up threatening to give Jennet the beat down of her life. Subsequently, the young lady was then arrested, and due to lots of embarrassment of the gossip mill and the arrest she ended up leaving Oslo. Jennet couldn’t help but pat herself on the back for that good deed. This was typical Jennet behavior and her granny has told her about herself many times.

Jennet’s grandmother has always told her that signifying is worse than stealing. Keep your nose out of other folks business, especially these here folks in Oslo. That didn’t resonate with Jennet because she didn’t care. She was the gossip queen, and in her eyes the more she knew the more she could have on folks. It was at this time, that Jennet’s grandmother’s words would bounce all over Jennet’s head. It was about to go down.

On Wednesday the Oslo community always gathers for an event to keep the community tight and in the know. Jennet loved these community shindigs because she could ease drop on folks. As Jennet was at home getting ready for the event, she thought to herself “wow I‘m going to get some good juice tonight.” Wanting to look good to keep people gossiping about her, she pulled out all the designer stops she could . Of course many of these pieces that Jennet owned were knockoffs that she was still paying for due to credit card charging. Jennet felt that looking good equaled feeling good and that meant in her mind that folks liked her. Of course Jennet’s mind was a train wreck, but she didn’t pick up on that. As she pinned her long red hair up in a nice updo, she looked and said to her self “damn I look good.” “Now let’s see what those bitches have to say now.” Smiling she picked up her knockoff Chanel handbag and headed for the Wednesday community gathering. As she walked to her front door to leave and to get into her car, her cell phone rang. Jennet picked it up and said “hello.” Nobody said anything on the other end. She quickly hung up and started on her way out the door. Before she got in her car she looked around and then opened the car the door to sit down when…someone walked up to her car and tried to keep it open with force. Jennet looked horrified, she knew someone was out to get her. She managed to keep the door closed and to lock it. She hurried to start the car and to back out her driveway. As she was spinning rubber to back out, the individual pulled out a gun and pointed it at Jennet. They shot, but missed. Jennet went skidding down the small narrow road.

Pulling up to Oslo’s community center she had to catch her breath. Afraid to get out of the car she sat for about twenty minutes. After not seeing anyone she got out and ran in the community center. She still had to look good so folks could gossip about her, so she fixed her self in a hurry and walked in and started to mingle. Immediately her grandmother knew something was wrong. An old lady, Jennet’s grandmother crept slowly over to where she was standing. “Jennet baby what’s wrong with you?” “You look crazy.” “Oh it’s nothing grand, I was just in a hurry to get here.” “Are you sure nothing is wrong?” “Yes I’m sure!” Jennet snapped. “Ok baby, I was just checking.” “Meanwhile you make sure you keep your nose out of folks business tonight.” As Jennet’s grandmother was leaving Jennet looked at her with an I don’t care look.” As the community event pressed on Jennet mingled and talked with folks who would first talk with her, but also eased dropped on lots of conversations. Typical Jennet, and she knew it.

As the event was winding down and the town mayor said a few last words to the citizens of Oslo, Jennet started yawning. Before the mayor could finish Jennet pealed out of there like a bat out of hell. Walking quickly to her car, she looked around to make sure no one was after her. She thought about going to the police to report what happened, but thought they wouldn’t believe her because of her nosy and gossipy reputation. So she got in her car and drove home. While driving she thought about all the things she heard tonight at the community gathering. She thought “boy what I can do with all this information.” Getting close to her street, she slowed down and crept and carefully made a right. She slowly drove up the narrow street and pulled into her drive way. For about ten minutes she sat in her car and didn’t move. After feeling safe she opened the door to get out. At that moment someone came out of nowhere and socked her in the face. Jennet fell to the ground crying and calling out for help. As she attempted to get up and defend herself, she got socked again in the face. When she couldn’t get up the individual jumped on top of her and started hitting her, while saying “haven’t you ever heard signifying is worse than stealing bitch!” Jennet’s head was hurt, but she did recognize those words. She got socked in the face and kicked several times before she was out cold. When she woke up she was laying in the hospital with her grandma sitting next to her in an old smelly hospital chair. “Jennet baby are you alright?” Jennet was very groggy from the beating and the medication. “Baby this is grandma here with you, can you hear me?” As she opened her eyes she asked what happened. Her grandma told her all about it and Jennet couldn’t believe it.

Jennet asked “Grandma who did this to me?” “Baby we don’t know but the cops are out looking for who ever did it.” “Grand I don’t want to press charges, I don’t care.” “Jennet are you crazy! Someone literally tried to kill you and you don’t want to press charges!” “Jennet you have to at least make a police report.” “Ok I will.” As Jennet laid her head down to rest her grandma said “Are you sure this doesn’t have to do with your nosiness and gossiping in other folks business?” “No grand it doesn’t-now leave me alone!”

After a couple days in the hospital it was finally time for Jennet to leave and go home. She was excited but frightened at the same time. She got home and settled into her life as if nothing happened. Just when she thought it was all over, her phone rang. Jennet picks it up, but slowly. She was scared. The person on the other end didn’t say anything at first, but then said how are you feeling. Jennet answered in a small voice, “I’m fine” She thought she recognized the voice but couldn’t catch on to it. As Jennet was about to hang up, the voice on the other end said “I told you signifying was worse than stealing, didn’t I Jennet.” “I told you to stay out of these here folks business.” Jennet couldn’t believe her ears. She thought “oh hell no, not grandma!”

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