Friday, April 30, 2010


Mr. Sandman bring me a dream, an m16 to do the damn thing, I will be thankful when snitches have stitches, let’s take a ride and get this thing poppin… Mr. Sandman help me to see, the most beautiful black out with glee.


Stab a bitch; whack a bitch, break a bitch off, and take a bitch out are the rewards one gets for diving into the art of snitching. Yes; it’s an art that breeds a deathly homicidal rate if you dare not to master. Coming clean is at the bottom of the instructions as you should know your place.

Hold up wait a minute, now let’s take it slow and master the confines of this off the beaten ride or die creed. Lose or chose the art of snitching as the ways of the mind dine on seedless endings but only to captivate and dominate young souls who are lost.

Close the door turn off the light and let’s get busy as my glock will be your eternity to massage your soul and take you on a journey into the mind of my beast as time captures this ever so jaded mental suicide.

Eat it, taste it, and love it as snitching is the bread and butter that feed the minds of the sick and psychotic breeders who get their rocks off on this must have commodity. Instruct or destruct and a get a bullet broke off in your ass as the warped chaotic of the creed permeate like a flesh eating virus into the fragile minds of today.

Hip, thuggish, defiant, and down right muddle; snitching holds up like the constitution. Grinding and plagued with tuned in warped minds, the beat drips slowly off the take over, only to create a cult like breeding ground of pookies, niecys’, lil Johns, Keyshawns, Alizes, and Dayshawns. Mind over matter or the matter of fact of culminating the disgust and admiration of this classic take over as it stays on the grind to infiltrate fragile psyches with massa-like mentality and the ever so ride or die of the cause.

Snitches that get stitches down grade into being a sucker with no ride or die adaptation. Classic, dirty and low down, is the spark of young minds to embrace their thoughts, for gentle touches of the art but only to bleed the snitches creed.

Imitation is the burning desire to keep this ruckus current as the breeders of this mind menacing art take over and thrives and sets the stage for what’s sure to be a ride or die black out of snitches getting stitches.

Mr. Sandman bring me a dream, an m16 to do the damn thing, I will be thankful when snitches have stitches, let’s take a ride and get this thing poppin… Mr. Sandman help me to see, the most beautiful black out with glee. As I end the rapid take over… In the end and it’s all over…Mr. Sandman, Mr. Sandman, Mr. Sandman bring me a dream.

A literary production by: Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio and "The Lit Factory."


Bubbles of sweet sensual saliva accommodates double your trouble nips of little sillies and create a frenzy of laced particles that instill small jabs of great envy; as it sits still on a silky and wet bath of evolution only to celebrate with juicy nonchalant hiccups and delightful soul claps.

Hurt and Sweat fill up the sitting as heaven is engorged between molecules and the ever essence of life, and to only fall in love with the soft touches and brazen strokes. Beauty renders a choice of silence or salacious sounds of a closed off wet rainforest. Catch it or miss it as it speeds up and rocks the insides of sweet saliva.

Heaven penetrates as the eyes of the corpuscles go numb and fill with juice to ensure ecstasy and mind altering inhibitions that holds the key to continued evolution. Breaking down the sexy of grand daddy evolution and wicked utopias are like a paralyzing atom bomb, but only to sense the ever changing loops that take you inside and out to a captivating hard summer rain.

Seduced by the copulation of penetrating sweat and significant tease; it pleases the palette by a strong force only to slow down in rough but sudden frustration. Sea saws of jagged poetic violence massage the soul only to comb and stroke with purity and divine hard knocks of the deep.

Love splits two ways only to force heaven to take the bait and come out and play with steam and pain. As heaven embraces the soft sweet ambiance of juiced up solitary confinement; small and sexy bubbles flourish to the surface only to stop and listen to an ever riding heartbeat that speaks of delicious, tasty, and sweet saliva.

Sexy radiant love of purpose, clouds the judgment as the thoughts of riding it out seep in; but only to rise up in the very core of heaven and into the confines of sweet saliva.

A literary production by: Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio and "The Lit Factory."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

*NEIGHBORISM-A False Dichotomy*

It’s a beautiful day in the day in the neighborhood; it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood would you be my, would you be my; would you be my neighbor; please won’t you be… my neighbor.

Hell to the naw! What an unpleasing warp of pretentious and mediocrity that exist in this ever dying unvalued society. As we exist in closeness our minds are shallow and running like a slave running from massa. No value, no time, and no eyesight to see for the smoke and mirrors that society dubs as its calling card.

Neighbor time is an all out gasp of “I don’t know them, “who are they”, “they aren’t good enough to even come in my yard”, and they aren’t the right color to live here.” Tangents, f-bombs, neighborhood war and many of I’m better than you, are what most neighborhoods thrive on as taking it to the street is the mere identity of the psyche that exist in a shallow off the beaten suburban enclave.

Time has changed; as it used to be kids playing together, neighbors socializing, neighborhood watch, and innocent friendships where bonds are formed forever. Fast forward into a society full of temptations, ill behavior, keeping up with the Jones’s, and a superficial mentality that breathes hot mess and no unity. Smoke and mirrors are the must haves that the neighborhoods’ of America have adopted making this the “it” theme of their households. Level it off with what you see isn’t what you get and you get an abundance of hoarders, breeders, and slave mentality acts that are divided by the ills and no wills with a robotic psyche as the common denominator.

Possibilities of human distortion and the confines of evil lays it’s breeding down into neighborhoods and into every white family, black family, latino family, and all the colors of the human rainbow who manage to accept and be spoiled rotten to achieve this everlasting cryptic of suggestive and false sense of living.

Living to be popular has advanced America like never before. Greatness has come out of this ruckus which has bread dropouts, debt, death, swag, instantaneous zombies, mind hoarding, bling, video girls, President Obama, and the sense of “I don’t need anyone to help me.” Welcome to American society as it progresses into a pit of hell only to be dug out by an unidentifiable life that is somewhere up there and virtually unknown to many.

Erie, confused, disgusted, and a small sense of hope is what most neighbors are thinking these days as they keep the party moving with falsehoods and undesirable rhetoric. What a sight to see as people partake in their arrangements to be better than their neighbor down the street. Displays of lack-luster abilities and confrontation are what drives and keeps most neighborhoods in the pits of hell. All is not fare in love and war, as neighborly schemes are made on the daily to keep what’s theirs up close and personal.

By: Literary Diva of (The Lit Factory) Blogtalk Radio
*Thought Provoking Writing*

*WHO’S CHARMING-The depth of poetic intrigue*

Who’s charming, who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.
Who’s charming, who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.

I divide I fold inside, like a caterpillar strives to be a butterfly.
Telling secrets is a whisper in a tender ear; I see it has been rendered.

Who’s charming, who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.
Who’s charming, who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.

Devotion is emotion as it becomes clear to spill into the ear of time.
Walking and thinking go hand in hand as it’s clear and so divine.

Who’s charming, who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine
Who’s charming, who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.

Raising the bar of envy I decide to play and conform to simple thoughts.
Not alone I’m in divine ecstasy and provoking the sound of natural random abilities of intrigue.

Who’s charming who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.
Who’s charming who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple of thought mine.

Rambling of greatness has a price of sick sexy word play as it comes on display.
To be or not to be is our thought provoking significance of eternity.

Who’s charming who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.
Who’s charming who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.

Pump up the lost notions of believe or make believe to only think happy thoughts of standards and radiant scores of love jones; and only to eat likes and dislikes of charming but stacking thoughts of high sighs of beauty and divine suitcases of simplicity that feeds us small bites of heaven.

Who’s charming who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.
Who’s charming who’s stacking it’s just a thought a simple thought of mine.

By Literary Diva (The Lit Factory) Blogtalk Radio
*Thought provoking Writing*

*CAPTIVATING OPULENCE ON SEXY-WRAPPED IN WICKED ZOMBIE! Featuring The Corpuscles of Beauty and Divinity of Ugly*

Ills, wills and nothing more than a search and rescue of the divine inside as she gives off a Florissant ego packing a one two punch at the sound of a drip and a hazardous bomb.

Peel back the layers and you will see and smell the essence of a sadistic beauty that pulls you in, as you look deep and wrap your thoughts around the magnetic force of truth and failure. Holding on to the ego inside is what captivates the moments when peeping softly into the eye of a sadistic and melodious soul.

Raw and vivacious in sound and in nature; it sucks you in like a tornado plowing through the atmosphere at it’s ripening peak. Pushing in and out is the decadence of ripeness and fluidity of the inner workings of her divine soul.

Skip, hop and take a ride on the wild side and journey into the unknown without reservations. Forceful truths reveal intimate suggestions of the divine ugly and catastrophic misconceptions of why’s and who’s.

Unlock the door and tip toe softly inside as the salacious feelings of corpuscles gives off a stinky but sweet smell that engulfs you and wraps you like wild waves of the ocean. Unseen and untapped is the avid validity and ramblings of the divine beauty and the inner wicked corpuscles.

Sexy wrapped in wicked zombie is a feeling of greatness, freshness, and ugly in it’s glory but ever so pure. Genius in nature, but bitchy and cold, as the fire and ice spew out of the inner workings of her corpuscles to only attack, laugh and salaciously take over to set the stage.

Eyeing the prize is the workings of this divine beauty while holding her wicked opulence, while she knowingly makes her will and ill stronger than ever, but only to set forth a wickedness of tasty and sexy territory to stake her claim in an majestic, pure and offensive way-to devour your corpuscles to only interlock with her divine and wicked zombie.

By Literary Diva (The Lit Factory) Blogtalk Radio
*Thought provoking writing*

*FLEXING YOUR LITERARY MUSCLES-Digging Deep To Protrude Real Literary Style and Elegance*

Divide and conquer to take your inner lit style to new heights, or divide and bow down and get the hell out of the way and go back to the drawing board.

Your literary style is what makes you unique in more ways than one. It’s what streamlines you to the next level and sets you apart when time permits. It’s what sets your creativity apart from the rest of the literary knuckle-heads on the lit scene. It’s what enables you to have superior creative control over your work and to make what you do seem real, valid and fabulous.

The only way to have a great match and have your work give off a wow-screaming effect is to enrich your life with a feasible plan to include pure and old fashion thinking. Yes, old fashion using your innards and your head will yield you much more than you think in the long run. It’s about being real, keeping it real, and having a love for the craft like nobody’s business. Taking on your own wicked but vibrant notions and strong capabilities is something that if practiced ,can take you to the top of the literary scene.

Digging deep and taking the time to hone that special part of you is what any aspiring writer has to do in order to remain competitive and exude pure literary confidence. It’s the only way to make your writings stand out ahead of the pack. The idea of embracing your inner faults, memories that are steady in your mind, and the education whether self taught or paid in full can give any writer the “matter of fact” ability and the will to apply in the development stage of a one-of-kind literary style.

It comes down to setting your own literary foundation so when it’s time to start creating and developing then whatever you decide to produce will be unique to you and only you. Having the “keeping it real” ability to set your own literary stage will ultimately keep your literary foundation rock solid. Which in turn will allow you to flex your literary muscle with utter and true confidence as your literary journey evolves.

Keep it real and I mean very real!

Article written by: Literary Diva Blogtalk Radio

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Spokenword, traditional poetry and mountains of free verse has made it's way to mainstream literature.  As we begin to open our minds to what poets of elite literary societies and the underground poets are giving us; we shouldn't forget that it goes back to just poetry.  Traditional as it is; it's a form of play on words, metaphors, grand finales, and the under belly of vivacious and irridecent melancholy semantics. 

Structure and true literary effects are the common denominator when it comes to spitting a piece.  Yes; spitting, breaking it down or laying it down are all commonalities of stepping up to the mic for the spokenword arena.  While gathering in a circle, meeting at the coffee shop, and forming a literary group to stand and share your poetic writing are commonalities of the tradtional poetic arena.  The style of structured collective thoughts or spitting may seem to be different, but when listening and understanding the messenger it all falls in line of just poetry.

Poetry; what is this unique form of literature that has so many on lock and ready to load anyway?  What is it about this must-learn style of literature that has many wanting to take a stab at it, and see where they fall?  As we open up the channels of words, metaphoric themes, robust free verse and rhyming schemes we are met with a true sense of literature straight from the heart of a poet.  It's the chance to open up our minds and ears to let true knowledge, grand literature and a structured or raw talent sink in our thought process to enjoy, and to let the true essence of the words of the messenger digest in our bellies.  As we listen and eat the words that we read or hear, it should be a feeding of word knowledge and spontaneous motivation to want more of this one two punch of this spellbinding oppulance that gives us something to think about. 

Form, word knowledge and style are the most important when talking or creating poetry.  It comes down to diving back in time to see how it all began, and to get a wide range of understanding of this sometimes complicated form of literature.  It takes grand thought, and precious time to think and master a style all your own to spit or lay your words down so the message is clear and concise.  As it goes in poetry, one must gain an understand of the foundation to be able to master a style of your own, and to produce an outstanding piece whether in the form of spokenword piece or in a traditonal form of poetry writing.

Many can master this form of literature in a specific amount of time when putting in the time.  However, learning the ins and outs is what's going to gain you an understanding of the foundation of poetics so that when the creative process begins you can incorportate true structure and great dashes of your own creative style.  Mastering just one isn't going to cut it, it has be structured on a poetic foundation.  Taking the time to create a poetic package such as; knowing the true baseline of the poetic form, studying the world of literature as a whole, and incorporating your own lyrical style is what's going to set you apart from the rest. 

As it stands traditional poetics and spokenword poetics are just poetry; but with a different style of each messenger.  Style, style and more style is the icing on the cake when creating a poetic piece to share with the world.  Keeping in mind that the foundation is what's going to keep your poetic style in check as you progress in the world of poetry.  So when we take a look at the poetic lesson it's great to be able to spit a piece or lay down a traditional poetic verse, however if you don't know your baseline of poetics then going back to the begining or the drawing board to gain an understaning of poetry is truly a lesson that can go a long way.

By: Literary Diva of blogtalk radio

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Soft sweet whispers of organ juice protrude like malicious barbs on a stinger that pierce me at the moment of salacious impact. Written in soft crescendo I realize the insanity of the impact as it moves softly through me and encases me as the eruption of my erected brainstem is pierced and ejaculates soft sweet whispers of eroding organ juice that trickles down in the flesh of my thoughts to take over, infect and dominate with hot sweet corrosion.

Climbing the wall of corroded thoughts and juiced up erosion of vulnerability, I brace myself for insane influence of take over from the nemesis. Not giving in; I try not to burst in fragmented matter- but it ascends and pulls the strings of my veins up and I fight; as it grabs me but ever so gently. I divide and split like a pea popping out for the first time to lay its conscience iridescence of knowledge and sophistication of meaningful genius of grand and graceful influence of desire.

I survive but only to lift up in opulence as the psychosis of the nemesis burns the walls my thoughts and rages like a million fire ants that are pulling apart the flesh of my thoughts and to grind on to ensure notoriety and protection for what lies ahead.

Stabbed, abused and stagnant I survive but only to see the hard hitting insane impact of the nemesis like a tsunami that ripped through every ounce of flesh that dropped into a seemingly organic death, only to cause my blood to divide and conquer into blocks of solitary confinement.

Tiny bits of rage crowd me into a box only to close and laugh as I try to scratch my way out. Looking down at my bloated fingers of torn flesh and bone protruding, my eyes grow wide and bully me to see inside- the dark, and I digress into a serious beast in battle with an arrogant dominate force that has a hold on me, only to tease me but please me in a salacious but violating silence.

Penetrating pain and lust builds as the excruciation of fire and ice leaves me hanging, only to make me batter myself with a tune, sweet and melodious. Breathing with small breaths of painful sweet sophistication; the very part of me wants to float lightly but only to wake up still encased in rage as my brainstem drops down in my body collecting every ounce of life so death can tease me, touch me, and hold me so strong that the mere thought of thoughts are physically and internally psychotic.

Silence rages through me and intertwine with high invigorating but soft and sweet melodies that strangle me with innocence. Time has captured me in this breaking moment of take over and destruction- that I scream internally, breaking and shattering my erected brainstem with pure and selected melody of embattled interference.

Screaming no to the psychotic confines of the brazen and superior nemesis is irritating, as my thoughts settle into a box of warped chaos and unfounded synchronizing. Dripping slowly off the beat is a true testament of the silent maniac of entrapment that explodes to a divine poetic fluidity of internal worship that’s sacred with grand opulence; as the salacious and gentle erection of the offended nemesis ripens only to ejaculate to a philosophical and magnetic malicious tone- of endearing psychosis.

*This is the follow up to "psychotic nemesis wrapped in brain sewage." Enjoy!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Oh Mary don’t you weep, oh Mary don’t weep. Here my cry and wash the everlasting shit of my soul away.

A call for action for a life that has pissed its greater existence away, in a gaping black hole of follow the leader, insignificant detours and a psychotic disturbance that has “me” on lockdown at least in my mind.

It’s cold and I’m hungry only to feed on the vengeance of my psychotic nemesis whose hold on my mind has me spinning in rectangular circles of a dirty birdie whose salacious thoughts catapults into an explosive mecca of jihad. Only to encase me as my rectangle closes in and take me alive and insertion begins-insert and let’s start as the nemesis of my ego is exploding and pounding on the walls of my psyche only to turn up the volume in stages to a level of self destruction. You say, I say, we say and it goes on and on and on til the break of dawn and then silence “shh….”

The icebreaker or the hotness that’s sure to turn you into a lost zombie of the flesh, and don’t forget the one who doesn’t think. Count the ways of your everlasting dysfunctional mayhem and divide and conquer as the tales of your life are pounced on in the grapevine. All is well in love and war until the hold on you is so strong then it appears and shows itself like a devil on a playground on a sunny day in GA.

Evil is lurking and you have it in you, in me and in we. The evil nemesis or the celebrity of instant gratification is the other part of your psyche; is clear, cut and straight to the point. Living in the darkness of your soul and creeping up like that damn hurricane Katrina; Oh I forgot that didn’t creep that shit was deep and then away we go into a soft silence of hell and plunging arenas of procrastination and your evolution isn’t so hip it’s just in a battle of indignant societal mockeries of self and disrespect. Now ain’t that juicy just like the song juicy or yeah that’s how the mind plays tricks on you; until you find out you are a trick. Tricked into a whirl wind of fire and ice as time holds the key and the greater part of your existence as you are in a battle of wits, and messed up shit until time grabs you and tells you “it ain’t ova til it’s ova.”

Looking cockeyed and weary you find yourself doing the one two step and corroding yourself with the likes of the pope, R. Kelly, Gandhi, Osama Bin Laden, and let’s not forget Hitler in disguise Obama. Apprehension is the key to taming the nemesis and “you” are in deep shit if you can’t put that shit in check. Waging the war of the mind is a battle of pon de replay for years to come. Institution of a terrorist and the grapevine of hell is the hold of instant oppression and the likes of George Bush.

Playing your cards right is a sucker’s game and “you” fall for it. The inevitable is a diamond that’s cradled an put into the vault of a mind waging war on “you”, while you stand there with the sound of crickets letting this miss America wave silently wave by you, to only guide you and seep into the cracks of your brain and spill “all is fare in love and war” sewage. Waking up is hard and “you” say that shit is for the birds until the dirty birdie lays her egg with a burst of explosive elegance and a wide range of flava that hits you like the bombing of Hiroshima.

The seduction is calculating as the take-over of the mind and degradation of the spreading maggots hypnotically pierces every point until the inside of your psychotic nemesis has taken over, only to leave “you” clawing for help in a mind that’s solely addressed to “you.”

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Friday, April 23, 2010


“Oh! No they didn’t tell me when to pray and who to give my money to.” Free yourself of your money and put it in the collection plate. It’s all the rage and then some as people’s souls continue to die and burn in their own hell.

As most pray and ask for forgiveness in their troubled times, many leaders of religion are reaping the bennies while spewing religious diarrhea. People are dying in their own hell and they need a way to get out. Many are lost souls searching for a new beginning as our religious communities are being bullies and taking what’s not theirs.

The devil is a liar- is what most people tell themselves as they gear up for another fake Sunday morning of religious rhetoric. Who says you have to believe what that “guy” says when he’s not living up to what he’s preaching. Pastors, ministers, deacons, and popes are all just devils in disguise. Pump up the volume with bible talk, mixed with a little bit of acting and you have an animated man at the pulpit that has swag. Oh, and by the way he’s so fresh and so clean in his amped up colorful suits of course, made by his tailor, and topped off with cheap cologne and his top of the line luxury car. All made possible by “you” the congregation, the people whose souls are burning in their own hell so the man at the pulpit can play and sashay all the way to the bank.

Giving up is so hard to do, but “you” do it all the time. As seen in the church: “GOD for sale just pay $19.95."  The combination of bible talk and swag is prevalent and “you” buy into it; as seen in the church: “GOD for sale just pay $19.95 plus tax.” Who believes this crazy talk, “you” believe it all the time, as seen in the church; “GOD for sale just pay $19.95 plus your income tax.” Unbelievable, but it’s in these times bible talk and a little swag gets you to the top, so never mind the real religious rhetoric that can save your ass from the religious bullies at the pulpit sweeping the nation and taking what’s not theirs all for the sake of looking down on your crazy asses to make what they’ve done to “you” look good, feel good and say “I” am good.

As the bullying continues to sweep the nation like the latest must-have trend “you” are blind as a bat to the culprit that’s knocking at your door to take you on a religious unsanctified ride down into the pits of hell. The jack-the jack of all trades is our religious bullies. How sweet it is to be taken and raped by a "man" whose suppose to represent "GOD" but instead uses his power to pull us apart, steal our money, and leave us suffering from true indignant thoughts of unworthiness.

Sick, outraged and disgusted is what “you” should be. Fear is what they instill in “you” and “you” make it happen by being an instantaneous zombie whose thoughts are corroded and plagued with their religious diarrhea to do and just do. Who has it bad “you” or the makers of this religious bully behavior? Choice and consequence go hand in hand it’s up to “you” to decipher what is truth and whose giving "you" smoke and mirrors.

Living is for today and for “you” it’s crucial. Letting religious bullying continue without question is the consequence of dying souls who continue to buy into the satanic behavior of a “man” and his pulpit, as seen in the church: “GOD for sale just pay $19.95 plus your soul.”

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Thursday, April 22, 2010



The instantaneous melt down of a writer in the moment.  It's the screeching halt we allow ourselves as writers to buy into as if we are buying into the latest scam of the year. Excuses, excuses and more excuses that we ratify so we can take a break from what we say we so-call love to do. 

The must have fad in literature that has been giving more writers grief then anything else is the big bad literary wolf "aka" writer's block.  It rings true all over the world and many have backed down from the "big bad literar wolf."  The art of writing is a very complex one depending on who you ask.  As we gear ourselves up for the creative process we sort of knowingly schedule the the big bad literary wolf  "aka" writer's block into our writing time.  The mind works on repetition and the more we subconsciously tell ourselves that we have writer's block the more it will repeat itself and interwind in the daily grind of your writing process.

Stepping up to the plate and letting this literary wolf know who's boss is what any writer must do.  If you are serious enough to break through then, getting your mind right is your writer's calling card.  It's the single most important aspect of the creative process.  In time what you think is writer's block will utltimately disappear and you will be able to keep it moving and complete your writing without any knocks from the big bad literary wolf. 

Opening your mind and taking it to the next level is very necessary as a writer.  A high stategic and high valocity of imagination is all it takes.  You the writer just have to give yourself permission to incorportate those things to put your writing in check.  The obvious is there when it comes to breaking down barries such as writer's block.  We just have to keep pushing through until we get that literary drive and keep it moving into shear explosive storytelling.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Take a moment and think of a story that has already been created and documented in a book.  Think very hard of what that story entails.  Now take that same idea and add word construction and with a flex of a vivid imagination you have a completely different story. 

Many stories have been born using this very intense literary technique.  It's the process and a take on an oldie but goodie.  As we immerse ourselves in what we are writing and how we are developing the idea; we come to realize that our thoughts take us on a whole new journey.  Creating a better take on a story idea that has been born is intense but a challenge.  It's something that most do on a daily basis, and succeed. 

The tried and true methods of the art of writing and creating a story whether refurshing a literary idea that has been produced or a whole new story idea; are methods that has been done throughout time.  In today's society most are spicing it up with a dash of this and a pinch of that.  The mere fact of this art is that it works.  It works to the point, that when someone has already written and produced a story that we have read, we understand that story.  Take the same story idea and keeping in mind the baseline of the story, then add something totally different-it sounds like a hot new literary story hot off the press.

We are talking about refurbishing a literary idea with a whole new strategy but keeping in mind the integrity of the story.  Even though you may do this technique it can be accomplished with vivid and vivacious thoughts that can take that refurbished literary idea to a whole new level.  This is something hollywood has been doing for years. When you look at movies that have been created from old comic book story ideas and books that are written today, you can clearly note that this is a working technique. 

Remember, true writers at heart know how to work a literary idea whether refurbishing an old idea or giving life to something totally new.  It's an art that you have to work at daily.  However, the secret to refurbishing a literary idea that has been born already, is a vivid imagination, and word construction.  Doing those two things can breath new life into a literary idea that has been produced previously and also allow you to create something new and put your literary stamp onto a whole new creation that can set you apart.

At the end of the day doing this isn't going to hurt anyone. It can only give you something to look forward to as you progress in the literary world.  What sets any writer apart from the rest is the ability to be creative and put their stamp on an oldie and also the ability to create something of intensity and a phenomenon that can rock the literary charts.

By the Literary Diva of BTR.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Look, Listen, and connect is what more and more writers should do when penning or brainstorming their next big story.  It's the tried and true methods that never disappear from a true writers heart.

Practice can make your writing journey better but striving for perfection will set you back with frustrations and disappointments.  In reality when a writer buys into pefection it can be detrimental and cause a state of confusion when the brainstorming for a story gets underway.  The greatest thing a writer can do to improve  on their writing ability is to stay true to who they are and recognize the connection with mind and soul.  Ultimately truth is the main course for any writer to take their writing to the next level. 

The methods and standards for writing depends on each individual writer. However following our writer's creed can keep any writer on track when there is a disconnect. Here are substantial methods that can be practiced by all writers to adopt so the writer in you stays focused and in control.


1. Throw away the word "PERFECTION" as it's a distraction and not reality to any writer.
2. Connect "MIND and SOUL" as it's the core/maincourse of any writers imagination.
4. Engage yourself in "READING" as it opens up your mind to the language of literature.
5. Keeping it "REAL" with yourself so you can produce and develop a truthful writer's message.
6. Exercise "WORD CONSTRUCTING" as this is a sure way to develop a stable writing foundation.  As you do this process you will start to build on your vocabulary and open up your mind to more creativity for writing a story.
7. Plan a "STRATEGY" as this will keep any writer on track with their next writing production.
8. Seeing is "VISUALIZING" as this will enable any writer to see what their strategic plan will be to keep their production in focus. Writing down the strategy is a sure way to visualize the begining to the end any writing production.
9. Seize the "MOMENT" when a story idea hits you, this will allow you to capitalize by writing it down, and visualizing the idea so it can be seen as a story in the making. This will also allow any writer to keep a snap shot of that very moment when the planning of that idea goes into play.
10. Keep your eye on the literary "DREAM" as this will enable any writer to keep pushing  forward with their story ideas and stay motivated to be inspired with true hope and determination to make it as a writer.

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Monday, April 19, 2010


Being able to write is a blessing that can turn into mega opportunities. The art of being able to write and turn those letters, words, sentences and a well connected writing core with a rock solid foundation is what sets writers apart.

As you write more and more your mind will open to new ideas, fantasy and a greater imagination.  Looking deep within is something that will allow you to bring out your "inner literary tiger."  That entails thinking outside the box and taking your thought process to the next level.  It's something that every writer has to do in order to keep their writing current, fun, and interesting. 

You inner literary tiger is your soul connected to your mind.  It's the combination that gives you the writer the green light to bring those unique literary ideas to share with your potential readers.  Making the connection is a must in order for your inner literary tiger to come out roaring and confident as you pen your next great story.

Realizing these things can only help your writing process grow and mature, as well as turn you the writer into a substantial and major player in the writing profession.  The art of being real and open are key factors that can help any writer get a leg up in this competitive field.  It's very important that all writers keep this in mind while building a strong foundation for their literary career.  Being able to connect those two key factors are what's going to propell you to the next level with your writing. 

Strength, an open mind, your inner connection and masterful thinking is the foundation for a budding writer.  This alone sets the stage for your inner literary tiger to emerge and hit the lit scene growling and running.  As time moves and your writing abilities grow; your storytelling will take shape and from there your inner literary tiger will blossom into an unstoppable force in the literary field.  Keeping these important key factors in mind and also staying true to yourself along with great persistence and a shear ounce of determination will not only bring out that roaring literary tiger, but keep you on top of your writing game for years to come.

Article written by "Literary Diva" of BTR

Saturday, April 17, 2010

*THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST-The Amped Up Celebrity Bash*


HE’S COMING HE’S COMING! They shout to the heavens with shakes and screams!

As we get ready for this big celebrity event that only so few will be invited to, we are challenged to believe that he’s coming back and we better get our asses in gear. Wired for religion and weary of the rest we are robotic in nature that has no mind and definitely no glory.

Our lives are touched with bad rhetoric of the glorification of Christ and his posse and we have to eat it up or parish in the gates of a burning hell. The love for this big moment is glorified in rallies, celebrity parties, and mega churches taking up a collection.

Colorful in nature is Christ with his gentle touches and rebellious persona and yet we believe that he’s coming back to shed light on the dark and take us to a more promising land. Confusion is laid on us daily as this aspect is simplified and played out like a whore plays her john.

Acts of man against nature is an ingenious battle to see who can score the most religious prospects are upon us daily. Time is of the essence and we have to skip hop and jump as the second coming of Christ is near.

Trending and filled with mega opportunity to reap the bennies from a huge block buster event is a masterful plan. Christ is on his way and we better stand down or off with our heads in a manner of death and inequality.

Time is moving are you moving with it or standing still? Salacious mindful trappings are taking every aspect of this pure pleasurable coming and it seems it’s never ending. Prayer and Christian abilities are amped up to the next level like a rapper and his bling. Sensory of God like people are in full effect and ready to get their bids in, as this second coming is near and showing itself daily.

Lives will be changed as the battle begins for competition to see who’s worthy to be taken by his second coming. As havoc wreaks and the stink of something coming; will we be ready for this must attend event. As time moves and analyzes, pity is bestowed and we are dwindling into our own pits of hell. The second coming is near or has it already come with President Obama.

As we open up our minds to transcend opportunity for a much promised piece of glory who’s really in the running for this top prize? Gearing up for the last days is like getting ready for the Oscars. Counting them down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now let’s start the show.

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Hanging by the perils of wind my mind goes numb and I am the lonely beast of American society that’s strangled and distorted.

Life hangs in the balance as distortion takes hold and become a record breaker. Making sense of senseless fears and I don’t knows is like trying to make sense of how human evolution started. Lies and malicious insignificant facts seem to hold up when they obviously have no place.

As time moves we wonder are moving with it or just standing still. Constantly on the grind we are pulled out of our small and trapped doors only to find that we keep ourselves there to be strangled and warn down by our own distorted mishandlings. Tries and tribulations is an equivalent to emphatic failures that seem to rewind itself like a bad habit that we can’t shake. Hoping to live greatly we sink tremendously into an emphatic distortion of manipulation and a false sense of keep it moving. It seems the precipice is near but who’s looking.

Hanging on to a piece of a greater existence, we rob ourselves of that crumb of greatness that we have the chance to turn into an everlasting piece of down home and feel good victory.

Wishing and hoping comes in all forms of small false hopes that we seem to latch onto when it permits. Often times we find ourselves dangling and from that, it turns into strangulation of emphatic distortion of something that requires a massive break down. Getting it, is the greatest truth known to all. As it stands many are not in that elite league of great thinkers. Rising to the occasion of this phenomenon isn’t practiced nor mastered by all.

The art of BELIEVING in oneself is not the trend but just that something to do, when it’s called upon. Lost souls that are not part of the thinking process find themselves swimming helplessly in their own lost causes and hanging by built up fragments of human distortion that in due time find themselves being strangled by their own emphatic distortion.

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Congrats to our "six word story" weekly winners!

Keeping Up-The Jones-So Overated (Sandy, MO)

President Obama-Falling Flat-Not Surprised (Dean, KS)

Tasty Love-Sweet Love-Never Boring (Tiffany, MI)

*Wake UP-Think Freely-Stay Consistant (Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio)

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Literary Diva Presents: The Read Up-Book Talk And Literary Readings!

Join us for something new and fresh; "The Read Up!" This series will inform you and allow you to hear literary readings from authors of the past and the present. The world of literature is growing bit by bit. As things change we want you to be informed and in the know. Everybody it's time for the "read up." Tune in and keep it locked.

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Literary Diva Presents: A Poetic And Lyrical Chat With Author Shani The Poet!

Join us for a special poetic chat with author Shani The Poet. We will be discussing her new book "Telling Secrets Since Birth." As we chat with her about her book we will dive into this poetess life and her love for poetry. Tune in as we chat it up with author and poet Shani The Poet about her debut book. Stay tuned and keep it locked.

Tune in live Saturday April 17 at 12pm est and 11am cst.

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Literary Diva Presents: Literary Lessons From BTR's Literary Diva!

Join us as we bring you brand new episodes of "Literary Lessons-from BTR's Literary Diva." We will be discussing conventional and unconventional creative ways to make your literary style and your story-telling stand out. As apart of this show, we will discuss all things dealing with literature from writing to publishing and more. This series is meant to inform, inspire, lend a creative hand, and get the word out about how literature is important and fun. Tune in starting every Friday at 8pm est for a hip, and fun literary show that is sure to teach you a lesson. Stay tuned and keep it locked.

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Literary Diva Presents: Literary Journey! Pablo Neruda!

Join us as we continue our literary journey with the legendary author and poet Pablo Neruda. A captivating chilean writer who had a large voice in literature and in politics. For most of the 20th century he was a household name throughout latin america. His style cannot be categorized by a single poetic style. No sooner had he mastered one poetic form or mood he then moved to another. Pablo's life was filled intrigue and drama but he always came back to his first love of writing. As it came to validity in 1971 for winning the nobel prize for literature. Tune in as we dive into the life of a master poet, diplomat, and political activist Pablo Neruda. Stay tuned and keep it locked.

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Literary Diva Presents: Quick Lit! Lit For The Taste Buds!

Join me as we give a dose of quick lit. It's quick bites of literature that takes you there, and makes you think. It's book candy that sweetens and sours your taste buds. Mark your calenders for some fantastic quick lit!

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Literary Diva Presents: A Literary Chat With Author Shani Q!

Join us for an interesting and fun literary chat with author Shani Q. We will be discussing her new book "Beneath My Stilettos," as well as her other literary works "What In Hell Do You Want" and "Secret Serpents." As we dive into her interesting literary works we will also dive into her life and get to know who author Shani Q truly is. Tune in for a fabulous literary chat with author Shani Q. Stay tuned and keep it locked

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THE READ UP 4/9/10

The Love-For People-Breathes Evolution (Thomas, UT)

Engage Me-Please Someone-Engage Me (Emily, TX)

Losing Control-Can't Handle-Lifes Tragedies (Sue, MI)

*Mind Hoarding-Rising Greatly-People Suffering (Literary Diva Blogtalk Radio)

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