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DIRTY BIRDYS ON THE BACK 9-Nine Grimmy Tales Of Golf Life!

Beautiful smart and talented at golf is what this crew of dirty birdies loves to do every chance they get. Image is everything with these golfing ballerinas as they prance around on exclusive golf courses all around the world. It’s all about the game and especially where you play according to the dirty birdies. The back nine is the playground for this group of ritual bitches and they always have something to prove when it comes to their golf game.

These are sinister divas with a lot of game play, worldly experience and the chops to back it up; especially on the back nine. These divas take their golf games and sinister plots seriously only to stake their claim at mega golf courses around the world.

As the dirty birdies would say, “let’s blow this shit out on the back nine.”

Playing great golf; the dirty birdies grind it out their way because they are different in every way, especially when it comes to golf . Diva’s for sure, they know how to take over in major ways.

In every golf game, the last nine holes are the most important especially to them. As it goes, nine things take place with these vivacious divas that looks, smell, and seem like nothing else.


Getting ready to putt with her well made golf club, it was like heaven as Liz brushed her shoulders off and positioned her ass to drive it home. It was instantaneous as she hit the ball like her climax came to a head the last time with the number one golfer in the world. Liz has swagger but tunnel vision swagger. At times she is gullible and with that she doesn’t think for herself and how she is a follower. However when on the golf course, especially on the back 9 her swagger is deep as she becomes immersed in her golf game. She’s rude and shrewd as her zombie swagger takes over and rips the other bitches to shreds. All in all Liz is a girls girl but; however she swags it out, it’s sure to be to the tenth power zombie style.


Denise is known for her toughness on the back nine. As a young girl growing up and playing golf she knows everything about the golf game and what really happens on the back nine. When it’s her turn to take a shot she instantly puts it into action. As she is getting ready to do just that, another group of girls who were also on the golf course started to give her a dirty look. Denise ignored them and again positioned herself to take her shot. When she was just about to drive it, one of the girls came over to her and looked her up and down. This truly made Denise mad! “What the hell are you looking at bitch!“ Denise said harshly. As she looked at her she called her more harsh names and pointed her finger toward her forehead. She then took her golf club and whacked the girl so hard that her skull cracked instantly. After doing so, she looked at the “dirty birdies and said “don’t mess with a bitch when she’s getting her golf game on.” Smiling she went back to position herself to take her shot and drove the ball for miles. Now that’s whacking bitches off on the back nine.


Adrienne is what most deem as hot as hell! She is stunning and absolutely sexy. From her hair to her toes she is a hot one. What Adrienne has is a hot golf game especially on the back nine. She has traveled to the finest golf courses all over the world to play golf. However, when it comes to the back nine Adrienne has a routine she does before taking her shot. What her routines entails is having one of her sugar daddies on call to meet her when she gets to the back nine for some hot sex. Adrienne is known for this; so having many men in her life isn’t a surprise. As soon as she gets near the back nine she pushes a button on her phone and instantly one of her men are there to greet her with a hard on that is dripping wet to please. Amazingly this is what makes her golf game out of this world. This style “pumping on sexy” on the back nine is one that Adrienne strikes genius on.


Smart, religious, and a golf game so sick is the pure essence of Blair. Hanging with the “dirty birdies” hasn’t been easy as they are all different and with major attitude. Blair is beautiful like the girl next door. Fair skin, long hair and a rocking body that’s youthful and innocent. On the golf course she is the clean wholesome birdie with class and brains. As she gets to the back nine to take it home she prays and reads her bible. Religion is her life as like golf. Before she takes a shot or puts she drops to her knees to pray to Jesus to protect her and keep her golf game on point. You could say she is waiting on Jesus in more ways then one. Blair has traveled all over the world with this ritual. She engages in her golf ritual so much that she is known for it. She has gained quite a few thousand fans that love her and praise her. As it goes Blair is truly sanctified and waits on her man Jesus.


Cindy is the erotic golfer with an edge. She doesn’t just oozes sex on the back nine but performs it as well. When she’s on the back nine she has to do list like no other. It’s call “Cindy’s Horny Whispers to do list.” It entails her dressing in lacy, sexy and exotic clothes. Also putting on her red lipstick to feel sexy, wet and in her moment as she steps up to take her shot.. The last step on the list is getting aquatinted with her one of kind golf club. This entails talking sexy to it, rubbing it between her legs and smacking her ass with it. All of this is preparation for her golf game. As it turns out Cindy’s golf game isn’t only good it’s the best. This horney dirty birdie golfer is ranked in the top ten in ladies golf. Go figure that being horny can put you in the top ten.


Kelly is a grand golfer with sophistication and grace. What she brings to the dirty birdie crew is pure class. He style is a one of kind with a prep school take but speaks sexy. She comes from a family of golfers with winnings and awards to prove it. She is always excited to get to the last nine holes because it’s time to deliver a fierce golf game with her skill and ingenuity. The ritual she embodies is one that links preppy and sexy together like no one has done before. Following her script is one you have to break down and know Kelly to understand. When she engages in it; she closes her eyes and speaks a classic, preppy and sexy concoction that only she knows. As this is done, her foreplay and wordplay enables her to have a sick and out of this world game that puts her on the map as the sophisticated dirty birdie.


Rhonda is the poet, artist, and golfer of the dirty birdie crew. She has a passion for the arts by way of poetry in all forms. She is a lover of golf in every way and loves to just have fun. Being the youngest dirty birdie she is a little silly on the back nine but enjoys so much that even if she loses she is ok with it. Her ritual includes creating poetry by way of a spoken word piece to get her golf game going. What she creates has a substantial affect on her golf game on the back nine. As she get’s ready to take her shot she is reciting her spoken word piece to herself and amazingly it works and she’s successful. As this unfolds so many of Rhonda’s artsy fans comes out to see her play and from that she draws more inspiration for her golf game on the back nine.


Summer is one dirty birdie who is so different that is shows. With her it’s all about getting to the flesh of something to draw power to influence her golf game. Being a dirty birdie has afforded her many things, most of all cockiness to suck out any competing diva’s corpuscles. With her ritual she drives the point home that she is best at everything and will cut you down in an instant. The fire she spills on the back nine is apparent as it spews from her ears and her nose. The anger is prevalent as Summer engages in her ritual to influence the game she loves so much. As she puffs up and steam blows from her body she reaches in her crews bodies and sucks out their corpuscles and smiles. After that it’s about getting the shot and driving it home. Now that’s a ritual that’s amazing and hot like fire.


McKinley is one diva of the dirty birdie crew whose down right ghetto. Even though she is from the other side of the tracks she has a golf game so good that she’s the favorite on the back nine. Her attitude says it all as she gears up to take her shot and drive it across the course. She embodies a style that is pure hip hop in nature that speaks grimy, raunchy and down right ghetto fabulous. Even though this may be her image and her attitude her mind is totally focused on her golf game. Having competed all over the world and now with the dirty birdie crew, she has made it and that makes her very proud. Staking her claim in the golf world but staying true to what she knows is how she likes it. With that, McKinley’s ritual is two stepping, dropping it like it’s hot and walking it out on the back nine. Now that’s pure attitude and flava that surely stands out; especially on the back nine.


The dirty birdies are a one of kind crew of successful women who loves golf. They are a crew who makes golf their very own no matter what people say. With rituals and all sorts of fancy foot work, the dirty birdies have and always will be the number one group in the world of golf especially on the back nine.

By: Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio and "The Lit Factory"

*This story is not to be copied in any form unless permission is granted*

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