Thursday, July 8, 2010



Why the hell is this always happening! Every time I try to get my ass out there and get shit done; I fall flat on my face!

I’m done! I’m just done!

Pushing, opening, and doing shit the right way is me. Yes, the maniac; in my god damn pinhole is me. Shit just aint right cause my pinhole ain’t getting any bigger!

I feel it. I can taste it, but can’t see it.

Life, dreams, and my whole existence seems to walk in front of my face, waving a beauty queen see ya!

I stand still only to be encased in my pinhole with the walls closing in on me more an more. The worse is here as time has moved but my pinhole hasn’t.

Trapped in the confines of evil and screams; telling me “I ain’t nothing!”

I can’t breathe as silence rears it’s ugliness only to murder me and keep me locked down only to self destruct in the crevices of my pinhole.

Maniac going psychotic, going irate, and about to burst into a million little pieces!

The feelings of why, who, what , and how have me marked for life as my pinhole closes and I fight to stay alive.

I bleed in silence, and it trickles down slowly to a nonchalant beat of “I got you bitch” and my layers peel away slowly, only to have flesh exposed to rot.

As I see the scene; it’s un-believable as I have seen this movie before! The Hollywood block buster of the maniac in the pinhole.

By: Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio and The Lit Factory

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