Friday, July 30, 2010

THE SUICIDE LETTERS: Thought Provoking Lit

Dearest Michelle;
I know this may come as a shock to you, but I have come to the conclusion that I must do this in order to save you and my beautiful boys. I hope in some spiritual way you can understand why I had to do this. It was the only way I could come to grips with what I have done to you and our families. The way that things went down was a disaster and I’m sorry love. Looking back I wish I could of done things differently when I was making the decisions that I made. Many people got hurt because of the things I have done and I am forever sorry. At this point in my life I hope this satisfies the many people who lost their savings, homes, and ultimately their lively hoods. Most of all to you Michelle, you are the one that I hurt most and for that I have to take my life so that you won’t have to look at me or be with a disgusting human being. Again I am sorry but it has to be this way.

I love you always;


P.S. Tell the boys I will always love them.

To my beautiful kids;
I know this will come as a shock to you, but I have come to the conclusion that I must do this in order to save you from all of the healthcare bills that I may leave on you. I hope in some way you can come to forgive me for doing such a cowardly act. My health is bad and has been for a long time. For so long I have had to scrape and pinch just to buy my medication to make my illness better. At times it killed me inside to have to borrow money from you just so I could pay my mortgage. When your father died I knew I couldn’t go on anymore. However, I tried to hang on each day. It took all that I had in me just to keep pushing. When my beautiful grandkids came into the world I was happier more than ever! It was at that time I knew I couldn’t burden both of you with my ailing health and rising bills. I’m old and my health has been failing for a long time. Getting medical coverage was out of the question because your father and I came from a place where you worked hard for what you had. Handouts were never an option. At this moment I am unable to go on and continue. I know your going to wonder why I am taking my life in this way. This is the way that it has to be. In time I pray you will understand and accept it for what it is. Please, tell my grandkids that I will always love them. With that I have to go and remember I will always love both of you.

 Love you always;

Your Mother Rosa

P.S. Tell my grandkids I will always love them.

Dear Mom and Dad;
I know this will come as a shock to you, but I have come to the conclusion that I must do this in order to save you from embarrassment. If your reading this I know you have found me hanging lifeless from the ceiling. I couldn’t bear it anymore! I couldn’t take it anymore! All the bullying at school and then the fighting between you two was getting to me. In my mind I felt there was nothing that I could do to stop the kids from picking on me and of course I couldn’t stop you from fighting every night. Everything just became hard and I couldn’t bear it any longer. Feeling like I didn’t have any place to hide or no one to talk to was hurting me more and more. I also, mom and dad was keeping a secret from you that I couldn’t bring myself to tell you. Mom I know deep down inside you knew I was gay. I knew because I caught you crying in your room holding my blue baby blanket. It was at that time I knew you didn’t know how to explain it to dad. Dad you always wanted a son who was tough and played sports, and I knew you didn’t see that in me. I’m sorry I have to do this, but I feel it’s the only way I can be free. Please donate my stuffed animals to a charity of some kind. Also hug and kiss Max for me. He was my bud! I have to end and hopefully we will see one another soon.



P.S. Please take care of Max he deserves it.

Dear Mother;
I know this will come as a shock to you, (maybe not) but I have come to the conclusion that I must do this in order to give your no good of a mother a piece of my mind! Let me start by saying I’m not sorry for anything! I hate you and all that you stand for! You treated me bad, and destroyed my life with your hate for me. No wonder I turned out bad; it’s because of you! Let’s run down the list of all the things you did to me:
1. You never took care of me.
2. You sold me into prostitution from the time I was 5 years old.
3. You did drugs in front of me and sometimes made me do it with you.
4. You let me live in filth and never bothered to bathe me or properly feed me.
5. You stole from me after I left home by making me feel I had to provide for you.
There are other things but it’s no use in providing a whole list as you wouldn’t give a damn anyway! One good thing came out of this, I grew up and left home and became a successful model. However, that didn’t last as I was so emotionally damaged that I used, abused and threw it away. This is all your fault mother! All your fault! If your reading this I have ended my disgusting life-a life you created but never cared for. I hate you always.

Mad As Hell;


P.S. Thanks for nothing mother and go to hell!

By: Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio

Disclaimer: This collection of literary works "The Suicide Letters" are a work of fiction. Thanks

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