Sunday, July 11, 2010


*Thought Provoking Lit*

Gliding and stepping down Main Street is me in my Prada heels.
Red, black and leopard is me in my fabulous heels.

Everyone is looking at me; yes the girl in the Prada Heels.
If only they knew how it truly feels; as I walk and glide in my Prada heels.

Cheap not these heels; as they were a really great steal.

I see you girl in those Prada heels; gliding and stepping out looking like a yummy meal.
It’s all in the walk, and the talk, that got me these heels.

No one knows me, but they can see I’m a fashionista in these heels.

Yes I'm the girl stepping out and gliding down Main Street, in my Prada heels.

By: Literary Diva of BTR and The Lit Factory

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