Sunday, December 5, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: MURDEROUS INTELLECTUALS-German Elites and The Nazi SS By Author Jonathan Maxwell

WOW! What an interesting read! This book sheds light on how so many of the horrific leaders in the nazi party were educated especially many of the officers. Many described in this book that were attached to Nazism, had attended prestigious schools and graduated with very worthy degrees. Instead many of the leaders used their intellect for bad including betraying family members and friends. In this well thoughtout and researched book it takes you on a journey of what happened with the Jews and how they were duped in believing that they could still reside in a place such as Germany while Nazism was happening. The terrifying truth is that many people believe that the nazi party was represented and fronted by insane crazies. However, many of them were very smart and well respected members of german society who saw being apart of the nazi party other evil organizations like the SS as an opportunity to further their own agenda.

As the Nazi party progressed they embarked on some horrific methods to expel so many people mainly the Jews. One in particular is the "euthanasia program." This program was a mercy of death in which the lives of those with terminal illnesses were shorted. With this program they were weeding out the weak and the inferior. As Jonathan Maxwell writes; it was set in motion by the "Knauer Baby", a serverely disabled infant. The parents of this child wanted the baby killed and so in appealing to Hitler he made it happen. In turn, creating a top-secret program where he enlisted prominent nazi doctors to lead the program. The SS was also recruited to provide administrative and technical support. As Jonathan Maxwell also describes; there were six killing centers that were built to look like normal hospitals or medical centers. Many people were killed including children with common barbituates as well as just starving them to death. When it came to killing the disable adults the T4 physicians did so by using the gas chambers. What really takes the cake is that the staff looted the corpses by removing any gold teeth while the physicians extracted the organs for medical research. After all that, they then cremated the bodies.

To further elaborate on how they used their intellect to dupe the public; they set out to deceive families by sending an urn of ashes of the victims that were cremated along with a letter stating that, their relative had died of natural causes. This was done in order to prevent a public outcry of fury.

Such terror was bestowed upon these people by individuals who clearly wanted to do harm or just futher their own political aspirations. In this book you will get a clear picture of how many of these helpless people suffered under the Nazi party and other organizations. The cruelty and the downright deception coupled with intellect lead Hitler and his posse to remain in power for a long period of time.

In the book Murderous Intellectuals Jonathan Maxwell provides us with an inside vivid picture of very intellegent people who did terrible things and of a country that was in continuous chaos. Everything from Hitler's rise to popularity, to the embrace of socialism, and a portrait of Hitler's twisted inner circle of deceit and cruelty is mapped out by author Jonathan Maxwell. This book opens the door and let's you in on the real truth of what many of these intellegent individuals did during a time when many lost their lives and are still suffering from it here today.

Again, a very reseached and well written book of events that takes you on a journey filled with Hitler's dramatics, and his frightening rise and huge fall in power.

Book Review Written By: Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio

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