Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anonymous novel on Obama stirs Beltway buzz!

Its publisher is remaining tight-lipped, but the buzz is building around a forthcoming novel about the Obama administration. Other than its Jan. 25 publication date, little is known about “O: A Presidential Novel” — including who wrote it.

The anonymously authored roman à clef numbers 368 pages, has a retail price of $25.99, and is being released by Simon & Schuster (though there is no mention of the book on its website). The person behind it supposedly has “vast personal experience” on the subject of Obama’s White House, according to news reports on the book.

Simon & Schuster did not respond to requests for comment.

Inevitably, comparisons have been drawn to the novel “Primary Colors.” Also written anonymously, it told the story of a southern governor’s Democratic presidential campaign. The book was clearly inspired by Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential run and full of insidery details that set Beltway tongues wagging. Although he strenuously denied it for months, journalist Joe Klein later admitted he was the author.

Not surprisingly, then, speculation as to who wrote “O: A Presidential Novel” has turned to Klein. But in an interview with Yahoo News, Klein said: "I absolutely deny writing it, have no idea who did, have no idea what's in it."

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  1. BREAKING NEWS - The speculation is over, S&S confirmed that the anonymous author of “O - A Presidential Novel” is E.A. Blayre III.
    His other books: