Saturday, January 1, 2011


Here's a great way to get your companies name out there for all the world to hear! A new program ran  by Literary Diva of BTR is doing just that! This program allows individuals to submit their business name/website info/ and get it promoted live on the air by the hottest talk radio show to ever hit the scene. 

Internet talk radio is growing and many are paying attention to how it's affecting different markets and the profound positive outcomes. Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio is an on air host that's trendy, smart, and talks on an array subjects. Although a literature based show, she is always promoting her brand as well as others. So now she wants to reach out to individuals and businesses to offer something truly amazing.

With this program she is accepting businesses who want to have their business and products promoted.  All you have to do is send her your business info and pay $2 per week via paypal! THAT'S RIGHT-YOU HEARD RIGHT $2 to get your business promoted on air live once a week! The program is set up according to how long you want your business promoted.

This is an amazing opportunity for businesses on a small budget but still want to be promoted. Of course that's not the most amazing part; Literary Diva of BTR talk radio show is everywhere! It's archived daily so many listeners can here the show, replay the show, and pass the show along to others as much as they like. For many who wish to have their business and products promoted try this format. It's something that can possibly change and shape your business for the new year!

Contact the the "Literary Diva of BTR" at: or today for more info.
Phone: 478-293-8018

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