Monday, February 14, 2011


Wet, dripping, and shaking is my eye as it goes into a cosmic orgasm.

Juiced up and ready to look at the world, is my eye as it rolls to an egomaniacal beat of splish splash with tingly twitches and hardcore rocks in its bed of hot holy juice.

It screams and gives off an uncanny squirt as its ready to get its next fix.

Oozing for love and seduction it stares uncontrollably to lock in the flavor of lust, love, and that feeling of “I need it.”

Shaking to a nasty beat of wet orgasmic waves, it’s ready for more as it get’s its rocks off and drips to the music of Bach’s concerto in D minor.

Eye going psychotic, crazy and squirting out small but wet hot drops of cosmic steam; it goes mad then retreats like a shy child.

As it hits, it hits like the speed of light but ends with a soft smooth tip toe of driving Ms Daisy.

By: Literary Diva of Blogtalk Radio and "The Lit Factory"

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