Sunday, March 13, 2011

QUICK LIT TREND OF THE WEEK It's All About Monologues!

This "quick lit trend" has alot to do with dramatics, film, speaking one's thoughts before a crowd or to another character. Yes, we are talking about "monogloues."

Monologues-is when the character may be speaking his or her thoughts aloud, directly addressing another character, or speaking to the audience, especially the former.

Monologues are common across the range of dramatic media (plays, films, animation, etc.). It is distinct from a soliloquy, which is where a character relates his or her thoughts and feelings to him/herself and to the audience without addressing any of the other characters. It is also distinct from an apostrophe, wherein the speaker or writer addresses an imaginary person, or inanimate object, or idea.

The term "monologue" was actually used to describe a form of popular narrative verse, sometimes comic, often dramatic or sentimental, which was performed in music halls or in domestic entertainments in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Characters would break out, announcing their thoughts to themselves.

*Monologues will always be a "literary trend" because of the realness they often bring to the literary world.  When they are written with real literary flavor it's truly amazing how you can relate to what the person is saying. In today's society, putting on a one-person show is a trend, and with that "monolgues" aren't going away anytime soon.

By: Literary Diva Of Blogtalk Radio

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