Saturday, April 23, 2011


(Beware Of My Bitchitude Blogspot) Hey hey bitches, my girl C.J. Calett is back with another installment of "Beware of My Bitchitude: More Bitchitude For The Bitch's Soul."

This little ebook mini is sure to be on fire just like the first. C.J. has really out done herslf this time as she dives into the angry bitch's soul this time around.

She talks about how bitch's from all walks of like, skin color, background and everywhere else can be as angry as the next bitch.

You don't want to miss out on this ebook mini at all bitches!!

(By the way it's a mini, so it shouldn't take you bitches that long to read through it)!

Anyway it should be available on the kindle in the next few days.

Give it a try and find out what this up and coming author is all about.

It will be available through amazon's kindle!! Hurry and inquire and get your copy today!

Diva And Her Bitchitude from (Beware Of My Bitchitude Blogspot)

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