Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Pick up the new book "Kinky Glory: Short Stories of Spirituality, Drama, And Kinky Sex" by bestselling author C.J. Calett. Author of the "Bitchitude Series."

Here's what it's all about:

KINKY GLORY: Short Stories of Spirituality, Drama And Kinky Sex

Sex and religion is more prevalent than ever before. It’s in our churches like no body’s business. Often times we here about preachers getting it on with their members. We here kids whispering about fucking behind the church building or in the church parking lot. The church has become a breeding ground for fornication and hot kinky side shows that make today’s headlines. The crazy thing is that, everyone’s involved one way or another, mainly the Pastor.

In Kinky Glory: Short Sories of Spirituality, Drama And Kinky Sex, C.J Calett brings us the "dirty, dirty" of the mega church. Story after story she gives us drama, kinky sex and craziness centered around one church and it's Pastor.

Avail@ amazon very soon!

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