Monday, March 18, 2013

NEW BOOK LADIES! Game Changers: How To Date Men In The 21st Century

For all the Diva's and Divo's out there that has their feet firmly planted on the dating scene, check out a new read that could bring you some pointers, inspiration, and motivation to help you on your dating quest.

It's a self-help book for women to help them understand why they are (if they are still single) still single and haven't yet figured out how to truly snag a mate.

"Game Changers: How To Date Men In The 21st Century" by: Charyn Gant and Dahmenah M.

Product Details

"Today, women are spending years being single and even worst years without even having a date. If you are tired of being single it may be time to try something new. The Game Changers was created to help Women understand why they are still single and how to change it.

Feminist worked so hard fighting for equality for women but over time women forgot about the importance of being, feeling and acting like women. This self -help book touches on how the feminist movement created unforeseen consequences.

This self -help book also helps women identify the behaviors/choices that may be causing their man drought and gives them practical steps on how trying something new can make all the difference.

A lot of women are suffering with low self esteem and aren't aware of it. This self -help book will help women determine if low self esteem is creating problems in their life."
Pick it up today on Amazon and where books are sold.

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