Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Author Patricia Dean-Escoto Featured!

Today on "Diva's House feat "Literary Diva Of Blogtalk Radio, author Patricia Dean-Escoto was the featured guest.

Patricia joined us in discussing her book; "The Top Ten Superfoods For Preventing Breast Cancer."

It was a very informative and educational show geared toward the hot topic of cancer.

The discussion was invigorating as Patricia talked about the body and how it's ability to heal itself is what all individuals who have breast cancer or may have a great chance of getting breast cancer should believe in.  She went on to talk about preventative measures and what most women should do if they have a chance in getting the disease.

When asked about the naysayers saying "you can't prevent cancer", Patricia shut them down with her response, which you have to listen to the episode to hear!

Patricia's book consist of preventative measures one can take to possibly keep from getting the disease or being infected with the disease again.  It includes a 7 day meal plan with over 40 recipes that one can follow.

The book in itself is one that has opened my eyes as a woman. In chatting with Patricia today, I learned a great deal in preventing cancer, but not only that, I learned a great deal about the food industry as well as everyday products we may use in our daily lives that can possibly contribute to many of us developing cancer.

All in all it was fantastic show!

You can buy Patricia's book on Amazon or where ever books are sold.

You find her@

Literary Diva Blogtalk Radio

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